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Musharaka relationship is established under a contract by mutual consent of parties for sharing of profits and losses, arising from a joint enterprise or venture.
Ijarah Financing
Ijarah is an Islamic alternative of leasing and refers to the transfer of benefits.
Diminishing Musharaka
This allows equity participation and sharing of profits on a pro-rata basis. Through this mode Modaraba keeps on reducing its equity in the project, ultimately transferring ownership of the asset to the participants.
Auto Car Financing (Ijarah)
Islamic finance is based on a belief that the provider of capital and the user of capital should proportionately share the risks of the business.
A Salam,is a short-term agreement in which a financial institution makes full prepayments for future delivery of a specified quantity of goods on a specified date.
Vision Statement

Vision Statement
To contribute towards the development of Islamic Financial Products which are commensurate with modern commercial concepts.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to create and maintain a progressive position in the modaraba sector in Pakistan and endeavor to promote interest-free economy in the country. This will be achieved through quality services using innovative Sharia compliant products, financial discipline and good corporate governance with high levels of professional and ethical standards being maintained at all times.

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